Custom trailers for canoes and kayaks

Are you tired of trying to lift your kayak or canoe onto the roof rack of your vehicle? You may want to seriously consider investing in the purchase of a trailer to transport your watercraft.

We have found that many people who are into the sport of kayaking or canoeing find that they are challenged when loading/unloading as well as transporting their watercraft because of the weight factor of the kayak/canoe and height of vehicle roof racks. Read more about why a trailer could be just what you need.

Trailers both lightweight & maneuverable

We offer a solution to this problem by offering small, lightweight and easily maneuverable trailers, these can be attached either to the hitch of your vehicle or off the hitch so you can park it in your garage or bring it down to the water’s edge.

We offer customized trailers to suit your requirements such as you can upgrade to torsion flex axles instead of leaf springs, dry and lockable storage for paddles, life jackets, extra clothing and gear, removable tongue for easy storage etc or we offer two standard models, either steel or aluminum, 2 place and 4 place basic trailers or we can custom build a trailer if you tell us what your needs and requirements are and we will do our best to ensure you get what you need.

Please Call For Custom Trailer Pricing

Learn more about standard and additional features here.

We usually have a few standard 1-2 place steel kayak trailers in stock ready to go. Custom trailers, including aluminum trailers are usually ordered with a small down payment.

All trailers will be ready to use when picked up: painted, wired, lights, chains, etc. You will only have to register and license it at your local MTO office before you hit the road.